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When Is Season 2 Of Ginny And Georgia?

Fans of Ginny and Georgia were devastated to find out that the show wasn’t renewed for a second season after the first season ended in June 2017. Although the possibility of the show being picked up by another network has been discussed, there has been no official announcement as of yet, and it seems more likely that the show will end here.

What happened? How did they come to make such an important decision? There are certainly some rumors floating around, but there’s only one person who can tell you why Season 2 never happened – Ginny McQueen herself. Here’s her story.


Ginny and Georgia, two best friends living in LA, are the stars of the popular YouTube channel Ginny and Georgia. Together, they share fashion tips, DIYs, beauty tutorials, and relationship advice (both personal and professional) with their combined 1.2 million subscribers.

In Season 1 of their self-titled YouTube series, they explore all aspects of life as a twenty-something woman: from relationships to careers to body image to friendships. The first season begins with Ginny’s return home after a prolonged stint in New York City for her job as an art director at an advertising agency.

While she was away, Georgia became close with her coworker Kylee; a relationship that’s still going strong when Ginny arrives home.

2-Cast And Characters

The cast consists of a group of four friends who are all in their early 20s. The main characters are Ginny (Kelsey Scott), Georgia (Natasha Rothwell), Bridgette (Amelia Rose Blaire), and Sophie (Olivia DeJonge). Ginny and Georgia are two best friends who work together at a fashion PR company.

Bridgette is an aspiring fashion designer, while Sophie, who wants to become a dancer, has just moved to New York from Kansas.

3-Release Date

The next season has not been announced yet, but you can catch up on the first season on Netflix. That’s it for our blog post about season 2 of Ginny and Georgia! We hope that you’ve found this information useful and feel free to ask any other questions in the comments below. Thanks so much for reading and we’ll see you again soon!

As far as release dates go, there haven’t been many solid details provided yet. Based on previous seasons of RuPaul’s Drag Race, fans shouldn’t expect a new season until early 2019 at least.


Season 2 has not yet been confirmed, but the creators have said that they are working on season 3. The first season aired in 2017, so it’s possible that we’ll get a second season in 2018. Season 1 consisted of 10 episodes which were released on Netflix.

Season 2 would probably have around the same number of episodes as well. It will likely be filmed this year (2018) because filming for season one started in late 2016. Season three might not come out until 2019 because they’re waiting to see how season two does before deciding whether or not to produce more seasons.


Ginny and Georgia are back for a second season. In this season, the ladies try to balance their personal lives with their work lives. We’ll find out if they can keep it together in the new year.

  • In Episode 1, Ginny tries to get her life together after her breakup while continuing her relationship with the guy she met online named Jason.
  • In Episode 2, Ginny has finally moved on from Ben but finds herself distracted by Jason’s recent lack of contact.
  • In Episode 3, Ginny starts working at a new company that offers more competitive salaries than her previous job and moves in with her best friend Ryanne as she continues to date, Jason.

6-Critical Reception

The first season was released in September 2016, with the second season set to premiere on October 6th. The show has been praised for being a fresh take on the traditional TV sitcom, with its positive portrayal of diverse families and strong female characters.

The season 1 finale drew in over 4 million viewers in the US alone, which means that a lot of people are waiting for the next season to come out. We’ll have to wait until October 6th for it to be released, but if you can’t wait any longer you can always watch it online or buy it on DVD.

7-Awards And Nominations

Season two has not been officially confirmed yet but the show has been getting a lot of attention from award organizations. Season one was nominated for a bunch of awards, such as the 2017 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Unstructured Reality Series, and it won an Emmy in 2018 for Outstanding Cinematography.

Season one was also nominated at the 2018 Creative Arts Emmys for eight different awards, including Outstanding Picture Editing, which it won. Ginny and Georgia have also been nominated for four Daytime Emmy Awards so far this year.


Season two was filmed in January, so the wait should not be too long! The new season premieres June 7th on Bravo. If you’re a fan, it’s probably best to make sure you have your DVR set to record every Monday night at 10 pm.

If you miss an episode or need to catch up on one that aired already, Bravo TV has clips available online (and on their YouTube Channel), but they might take some time to load as there are many episodes. I also recommend reading reviews from sites like TV Guide or Entertainment Weekly for additional information about what happened during the season premiere.

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