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What Should I Wear To A Pakistani Wedding?

Pakistani weddings are known worldwide to be colorful, vibrant, and celebratory events full of singing and dancing, family gatherings, and gift exchanges. When you are invited to a Pakistani wedding, it’s important to know what to wear to fit in with the festivities.

The unique customs of Pakistani culture make dressing the part of utmost importance because not knowing these rules will put you out of place and potentially offend your hosts or other attendees. What should I wear to a Pakistani wedding?

The bride

Pakistani weddings are usually very colorful, so you will want to wear vibrant colors and beautiful clothes. In addition, these can be your opportunity to dress up in Pakistan clothing that you may never wear otherwise. You could choose something sparkly and feminine or pick up an easy one-shoulder garment. Shoes with wedges will help you stay comfortable for the long ceremony.

For men, it is best that you stick with dressy slacks (no jeans please) and a collared shirt but again, there are no hard rules here so make sure that whatever outfit you choose fits the occasion. Some important things to remember show too much skin, avoid dark colors at nighttime weddings and tuck in your shirts, please!

The groom

Pakistani weddings are typically formal events. This means the groom will wear a suit, and the bride will normally wear an expensive dress. Sometimes the bride’s family pays for her dress and other times she rents it. The groom’s family usually pays for his suit as well as the food and party favors. Women often bring gifts of gold jewelry or other items to offer as congratulations.

Plus, it is customary for guests to give both the bride and groom money in their envelopes–the bride receives more than the groom because they are at the height of their careers when they get married, while he has yet to become established professionally.

Angrakha Style Frocks

If you’re attending a Pakistani wedding for the first time, it’s important to know what to wear. We suggest wearing an Angrakha-style frock or an embroidered shalwar kameez. It is best if the dress is floor length and has sleeves. You can rent one if you want to use something other than your clothes.

If you’re daring, consider wearing a lehenga instead of an Angrakha-style frock or shalwar kameez. The lehenga can be any color and be floor-length or knee-length. Wear gold jewelry with your lehenga and accessorize with simple makeup so as not to distract from the beauty of the garment. Ladies, never forget your Dupatta!

Gharara Style

Pakistani weddings are typically very formal, with guests wearing Pakistani clothing. Males may wear sherwanis or kurtas, while females might opt for saris or shalwar kameez. Colors are generally traditional and muted, with lots of gold and reds coming into play as well as embroidered details.

Gold Glam

Pakistani weddings are often considered the most lavish and extravagant events of the year, with thousands of dollars spent on the event. Guests are expected to dress in both respectful and appropriate clothing for Pakistani culture.

You will want to dress modestly, but also make sure you look your best! Pakistani women typically wear long, flowing dresses or saris which cover their arms and legs.

Can I find a designer wedding dress on a budget?

Pakistani weddings are known for their Pakistani clothing and their vibrant colors. You can find dresses in any style or color with the right budget.

The internet is full of affordable yet beautiful options, but if you’re looking for something more traditional, it may be best to visit one of the many stores or bazaars in your area.

Collectibles by Filhaal UK

Pakistani clothing reflects the cultural, religious, and ethnic diversity of Pakistan. The traditional dress is the shalwar kameez, which consists of loose-fitting trousers with a long shirt. You can also find regional variations on this outfit such as the shalwar kameez or churidar kameez.

For more formal occasions, women may wear saris draped around their bodies and can be made from any material including silk, cotton, or wool. Men typically wear sherwani at weddings and Jama at Filhaal UK.

Pakistani clothing is usually made of natural materials like cotton and silk because these fabrics are more durable than synthetic ones.


Pakistani weddings are about the couple, and formal clothing is worn accordingly. Western attire is not considered appropriate for this type of event, but wearing traditional clothing will show the family that you’re committed to honoring their traditions.

Pakistani men traditionally wear sherwanis or pajamas with either a western or bowler hat. At the same time, women dress in lehenga or churidar kurta with either Dupatta or shawls, depending on their preference. You can buy custom-made clothes if you’re attending in Pakistan itself, but Pakistan clothing stores outside of Pakistan will have many outfits that adhere well to these customs as well.

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