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What Can You Use To Cut Concrete Block?

Concrete blocks are made up of solid materials providing longer durability and not easy to cut because of strong bonding inside. In fact, you will not get the exact shape of cutting if you don’t follow the proper method of cutting. There are number of tools you can use to cut these blocks, and every tool has its own method and steps to be followed.

In this article, we spotted two authorized methods, reliable and comfortable with simple steps. You should pay thorough attention to both and pick up one you find most compatible to you. In this way, you can easily cut the concrete lego blocks without getting into any complexity.

But before getting into this, we’d like to ask you care for proper safety because any kind of carelessness during blocks cutting might be dangerous. Use safety equipment and then get into this.

Here’s your destination.

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Circular Saw

Cutting with circular raw come with a few steps in which the first one is to measure the block accurately. Take a tap measure and measure the block where you want to cut and mark with chalk. Now, insert a masonry blade into circular saw to promote cutting. You can get the blade from near hardware store.

Now, line up on the chalk mark and in one slow – an accurate stroke. After cutting, simply unplug the saw and clean the block with a useless piece of cloth.

Pay attention – you are strictly recommended to wear safety equipment including mask, gloves and goggles before start cutting. Because dust of concrete lego blocks in air is dangerous to you.


Cutting with chisel is quite simple but you have to put more efforts because here you need to perform the whole procedure without electrical support. Meanwhile, you need to measure block space where you want to cut it and mark with white chalk as we’ve mentioned above in cutting with circular raw procedure.

Now, position the chisel on the chalk mark and start hitting butt of the chisel with hammer until concrete block splits. You can choose any kind of chisel depending upon you but we recommend you to use a flat masonry chisel because it will work best.

And yes, when using chisel, you should also start cutting from edges because you can speed up the procedure in this way. If the block is thick, you’re cutting, rotate it or flip so that the downward side face upward position. Again, start hitting the butt and you’ll cut it soon.

Well, these are the methods that should be adopted to cut concrete lego blocks. Both have been explained in detail for your proper navigation. But still, if you are confused anywhere – contact PPC Concrete Products.

It’s one of the most authorized concrete blocks companies promoting manufacturing considering all the ideal methods. In fact, it doesn’t compromise on quality materials use and that’s the reason behind products’ durability. You can discuss all the queries in your mind regarding blocks and get navigations from experts 24/7.

For more information, connect with PPC Concrete Products today.

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