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Top 10 Jewelry Brands In Uk?

Do you love fashion? Are you looking for jewelry brands in the UK? Do you want to know more about the top 10 jewelry brands in the UK? This article will teach you everything you need to know about jewelry and the top 10 jewelry brands in the UK. You’ll also find tips on how to choose the right accessories and trends as well as learn how to spot high-quality pieces.

1- Cartier

Established in 1847 by Louis-François Cartier, Cartier has been a favorite of royalty and aristocracy throughout history. Now owned by Richemont, a luxury goods conglomerate headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland, Cartier is one of the most well-known jewelry brands worldwide.

The brand’s best-selling ring is likely its diamond Love necklace and bracelet set. In 2011, it sold for $28 million at auction—the highest price ever paid for a single piece of jewelry. Cartier also offers a line of watches that are available with or without diamonds.

2 -Wartski

Wartski is a celebrated British jeweler whose history dates back to 1778 when it was founded by Thomas Wartski. Notable clients include Queen Victoria and The Prince of Wales. Its style is conservative, but it’s quality unquestionable.

As such, it’s an excellent choice for people who want classic designs that will last for generations. 2: Bulgari: Founded in Rome, Italy, in 1884 by Sotirio Bulgari as a retailer of precious stones, Bulgari today has a reputation as one of Europe’s most prestigious jewelry designers and retailers.

3- Harry Winston

Harry Winston Inc. is a worldwide producer and retailer of luxury goods, specializing in jewelry. It has headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland, and Beverly Hills, California. The company sells watches, travel items, chandeliers, hard and soft jewelry, and accessories.

Founded by Harry Winston (1887–1978) in New York City on Fifth Avenue, it was incorporated in Delaware in 1953. Today it operates over 20 stores worldwide and distributes its products through more than 600 authorized retailers.

4- Chopard

Founded by Louis-Ulysse Chopard, Chopard is a jewelry and watchmaking brand based out of Switzerland. More than 100 years since its inception, Chopard continues to create pieces of luxury and sophistication.

Its most popular piece is the Happy Sport line – a playful design that mixes sports with Swiss craftsmanship to form pieces full of energy. Examples include stainless steel bracelets mixed with colorful leather straps or angular watches that bring clean lines to classic timepieces.


5- De Beers

De Beers Diamond Jewellery Group owns a number of different internationally recognized jewelry brands including De Beers Diamond Jewellery Group owns a number of different internationally recognized jewelry brands including Forevermark, Signet, De Beers, and Lightbox.

Many people consider De Beers to be one of, if not ‘the’ most prestigious brand when it comes to diamond engagement rings and wedding bands. With headquarters in London, UK; New York City; Johannesburg, South Africa, and Antwerp Belgium.

6- Tiffany & Co.

De Beers is one of the world’s largest diamond mining companies, with mining interests and operations in many countries. It is best known as a monopoly that dominated the global supply of diamonds.

The history of De Beers stretches back almost 150 years when it was founded by British businessman Cecil Rhodes. In 1888, he acquired a 75-percent stake in three diamond mines near Kimberley, South Africa.

7- Buccellati

Buccellati is an Italian brand founded in 1956 by goldsmith and silversmith Franco Buccellati, who named it after his two children, Bucci and Lati. Since its founding, Buccellati has remained a family-run business and manufactures accessories as well as fine jewelry.

The brand takes pride in all of its products, from luxurious bracelets to simple earrings. In addition to its wide range of pieces, Buccellati also offers customization services for those looking for something extra special.

8- S.T Dupont

ST Dupont is a well-known brand of luxury lighters and accessories that is also popular among celebrities. Famous customers include Madonna, Kylie Minogue, and Angelina Jolie. The company was founded in 1872 by Jean-Siméon Pansy, who bought a small factory with his brother-in-law, Maurice Goddard.

The company produced its first cigarette lighter in 1880, which led to an explosion in popularity for lighter designs worldwide. Today, ST Dupont has become one of France’s most famous designer goods manufacturers.

9- Asprey & Garrard

Founded by James Asprey and H. W. Garrard, Asprey & Garrard is a luxury British jeweler. The brand is most famous for its watches, which were worn by members of royal families across Europe during its heyday. The company was founded as early as 1748 and continues to produce watches today from its London headquarters on New Bond Street.

Cartier: Cartier is one of France’s oldest jewelry companies, with a history that stretches back to 1847 when Louis-Francois Cartier opened his first shop in Paris. Today, Cartier sells more than just fine diamonds—it also produces watches and other items designed specifically for women and men.

10- Theo Fennell

This luxury brand has been around for nearly 40 years and is known for its sterling silver, 18-carat gold, and titanium bracelets, rings, and earrings. The company designs most of its products to be worn by both men and women so you won’t have to sacrifice style when gifting Theo Fennell pieces.

The only drawback with Theo Fennell jewelry is that it’s often quite pricey so before buying a piece, make sure you can justify spending that much money on a gift! The cost can definitely be worth it though if you want an impressive designer piece that will last a lifetime. These days, there are several discount codes floating around on social media, so keep your eyes peeled if you want to save some cash.


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