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How Do Pakistani People Dress In The Uk?

How Do Pakistani People Dress In The Uk?


There are many countries in the world and each country has its own culture and occasion. And also they wear their traditional clothes which are suit for their selves. But every country has no pure people in their country they have more than people which are from another country and working for their families. After all how they dressed in the UK. Because they leaving in another country That does not matter if you living in another country you want to wear clothes which are you wearing in your country but this is not a requirement if you living in another country you have to wear clothes which other people are dressed. You have to full protocol is it your birthday, marriage, party, and another festival you have to dress with your mind.

Men Clothes

In the UK every man wears a shalwar kameez at their festival because it is their national clothes. In this, there is two part of their things named the shalwar and kameez and the man wears it very gracefully because every man very comforts the table in it. Kameez which is a very cool thing for Pakistani is long to keens from a human neck and the shalwar is waist to foot. And mostly people wear white color because it is very gracing and attracting color.

Women Clothes

In UK women also wear shalware kaamez  just defiance is color and design on clothes and other things are same but women also wear tobata and matching shoes. And additional things are jewelry, makeup and other types of fashion things.

Tailor  Sewing Clothes

In Pakistan people sweing clothes at home but in other countries people sweing their clothes from tailor which is to expansive for those people. In that case in other countries tailor charged money against to people because they charged money in his country that’s why its to expansive for those people whose living in UK.

The Majority Of Pakistanis In The UK Wear Traditional Clothing

In UK Pakistani men wear  same clothes which they wear in Pakistan on their festival because they changed their country but not changed their mind also that is reason why they chose traditional clothes in UK.if someone is seen wearing Western clothing, this would be considered very strange or an act of rebellion. will also not like to show too much flesh, so most women usually cover themselves head with Pakistani dresses UK or something similar.
Men typically cover

Women In The UK Choose To Wear A Hijab

It is not compulsory for women to wear a hijab in the United Kingdom, but it is considered customary. Muslim women wear the hijab and other traditional clothing as an expression of their faith and culture. It is not uncommon for Muslim women to wear headscarves, which cover all of their hair, with a long-sleeved shirt and a long skirt. A niqab, which covers .In UK women also wear hijab because that is the necessary. Because Islamic women dose not compromise with  her Islam .

Choose To Dress In A More Modern Style

Pakistani clothing is very different from Western clothing. For example, some women wear shalwar kameez and some men wear pajamas. However, many people in the West dress more modernly than traditionally, which might mean wearing jeans .Always  choose  those clothes whose are showing your personality  to other because your first intro is your dressing scenes an d its show to other  why are you to different to there people. In UK Pakistani always dressed  their national clothes o their event, party and other festival.


Pakistani culture is one of the most colorful and exciting, with a particular taste for bright colours and detailed designs. Pakistani dresses UK are usually long, flowing garments that cover everything but the hands and head. These beautiful clothes come in so many different shapes and fabrics to suit different purposes wedding dresses UK, party dresses UK or every day wear. You may buy an off-the-shelf piece or get a bespoke design from an experienced designer or tailor.









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