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Top 10 Hospitals In Glasgow, Uk

Located in the city of Glasgow, Scotland, there are ten hospitals that will serve you well should you find yourself in need of their care and services. The two most popular among visitors to the city are the Western Infirmary and Queen Elizabeth University Hospital.

Each hospital offers a number of specialties, so it’s important to know which one has just what you’re looking for if you should visit or become ill while in town. Here are the top 10 hospitals in Glasgow, UK.

1- The Royal Infirmary Of Edinburgh

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh is one of the top hospitals in Glasgow and a leader in medical innovation.

The hospital treats 40% of patients from outside Scotland. NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde is the second largest provider of healthcare in the UK and was founded by way of an amalgamation between NHS Greater Glasgow (G3) and NHS Lanarkshire (N2) on 1 October 1999.

2- Glasgow Royal Infirmary

Glasgow Royal Infirmary is located in the center of the city and has a long history with plenty of patients. It was once the largest hospital in Europe and has since been renovated to make it one of the best hospitals in Glasgow. Here are some more details about this premier facility:

  • This hospital was founded in 1451 and was originally called St. Margaret’s Hospital.
  • The hospital is set on Castle Street and Great Western Road, making it easy to get to from all parts of town.
  • The hospital includes a new emergency department that caters specifically to adults 18 years or older who are suffering from injuries or illnesses.
  • A total number of 1,200 staff members work at this hospital!


Western General Hospital is a teaching hospital in the west of Scotland. It is one of three hospitals in the city that provides services for adults and children. There are a total of four acute medical wards at the hospital, with two being general and two being psychiatric.

The hospital’s staff includes a team of physicians specializing in neurology, cardiology, and orthopedics; specialists in obstetrics and gynecology; specialists in gastroenterology; surgeons specializing in urology, neurosurgery, and general surgery; psychiatrists who specialize in psychotherapy as well as child psychiatry; dentists who specialize in family dentistry as well as oral surgery; an ear nose and throat specialist who specializes also in head & neck surgery.

4- Gartnavel General Hospital

Gartnavel General Hospital is a hospital in Scotland located on the south side of Glasgow. It was originally opened to care for the poor and has been operating as a hospital since 1867.

The hospital has an emergency department and provides outpatient services. It offers medical care for general surgery, gynecology, ear nose, and throat problems, gastroenterology, and diabetes. Gartnavel General Hospital is rated as one of the top hospitals in Glasgow.

  • Gartnavel General Hospital is a hospital in Scotland located on the south side of Glasgow.
  • It was originally opened to care for the poor and has been operating as a hospital since 1867.
  • The hospital has an emergency department and provides outpatient services.

5- Royal Alexandra Hospital

The Royal Alexandra Hospital is the largest hospital in Glasgow and is one of the leading cancer centers in Scotland. It has a helipad that can serve as an emergency transport for those with life-threatening conditions.

The hospital’s most recent accolade is the coveted Nurse-led Ward award from Healthcare Improvement Scotland. Previous winners include The Queen Elizabeth University Hospital, Western General Hospital, and Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

6- Southern General Hospital

The largest hospital in Scotland’s second-largest city, Southern General is consistently ranked among the best hospitals in Britain. Based on 2010 statistics from The Guardian newspaper, it’s also one of only two hospitals in Scotland to make it into their top ten.

Moreover, a report by Care Quality Commission the British health and social care regulator ranks Southern General as one of only three Scottish hospitals that provide consistently safe care for patients. It also does well in treating conditions common to older people, such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and falls prevention services.

7- Yorkhill Hospital

Yorkhill Hospital is one of the top 10 hospitals in Glasgow. It offers a range of specialist services including the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital and the Royal Hospital for Sick Children.

They are best known for their work in cancer treatment and research. The hospital is committed to high-quality patient care and has won many awards for its excellent service.

Some of the other award-winning departments include accident and emergency services, acute medical services, maternity care, NHS 24 service line management, orthopedics, and joint replacement surgery. Yorkhill Hospital cares for patients with all kinds of illnesses including cancer and heart problems.

8- Victoria Infirmary

The Victoria Infirmary is one of the top hospitals in Glasgow. The hospital is located in the heart of the city and has been providing care for over a century. This hospital provides a full range of healthcare services including trauma treatment, maternity, and neonatal care, emergency medicine, and cancer treatment.

The Victoria Infirmary was opened in 1887 after public subscriptions were raised to help fund it. It was designed by James Sellars who also designed the Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum which is located next door to the hospital. It originally had only 96 beds but it now has 260 beds, making it among the largest hospitals in Scotland today.

9- Monklands Hospital

Monklands Hospital is a hospital in Airdrie and Kilsyth, Scotland. It is situated on the Monklands East site in Airdrie and on the Kilsyth site in Kilsyth. It has an accident and emergency department which provides 24-hour service. The hospital was originally built as a tuberculosis hospital for miners in 1891.

The hospital has been enlarged over time with additional facilities such as an outpatient department, a rehabilitation center, and an intensive care unit.

10- Raigmore Hospital

RRaigmore Hospital has been a leading teaching hospital In Glasgow since its establishment in 1869. It is located in the west of the city center and provides a range of specialist services to patients from across Scotland.

The hospital operates as an acute general teaching hospital for all ages with 7 operating theatres and four wards. Raigmore Hospital offers a full range of acute adult services including orthopedics, ophthalmology, cardiology, gynecology, and urology.

The Royal Infirmary of Edinburgh (also known as RIE) is one of two large trauma centers serving the densely populated central region of Scotland the other being at Glasgow’s Southern General Hospital and is located in central Edinburgh on Lauriston Place.

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